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Et spørsmål om flyforbudssonen er nødvendig, legitim og korrekt

Posted by Fredsvenn den mars 20, 2011


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U.S. hands off the Arab revolution


Uansett om du tror FN resolusjonen vedrørende flyforbudssone, som tillater militærinvasjon i Libya, er rettferdig eller ikke, og uansett om du tror Gaddafi i de siste 42 årene har gjort et bra arbeid eller ikke, er det en ting som alle skulle kunne være enige i; at årsaken USA oppgir for å støtte NATO invasjonen, å få en umiddelbar slutt på angrep på sivile, er en av de største hypokratiske handlinger i vår moderne historie.

Washington and the Civilians of Libya



Britene frykter ny militær hengemyr

Nå, i etterkant av FNs sikkerhetsråds avstemning, står vi forran et militært angrep på Libya. USA, Storbritannia og Frankrike har allerede begynt deres angrep. Men er flyforbudssonen nødvendig, legitim og korrekt?

Stop the War against Libya

Following a UN Security Council vote on the evening of March 17, an attack on Libya is imminent. The United States, Britain and France are expected to begin air strikes in a matter of days or even hours. All people of conscience should stand firmly against this act of war.

Just as in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, this war will be waged under the pretense of humanitarian intervention. But just as in Iraq and Afghanistan,  military intervention by the U.S. and its allies will be done for the benefit of  the rich and powerful at the expense of working and oppressed people both  here and in Libya. Countless civilians will die as a result of these attacks and  countless dollars will be taken from over-stretched budgets and social programs to fund a new war.

The lessons of history are clear in showing us that the outcome of the war, if the U.S., Britain and France have their way, will be in favor of the interests of the rich, not in favor of democracy and self-determination for the people of Libya.

Since day one of the crisis in Libya, the corporate media has been in motion, preparing public opinion for war with Libya. Likewise, since the beginning of the crisis, the western, imperialist powers have been maneuvering militarily to take advantage of the situation.

Meanwhile, it is clear that the rebels in Libya are not of one mind. Some of their leaders are tied to the old CIA-funded National Front for the Salvation of Libya (NFSL), which would like to see Libya’s oil industry completely privatized, meaning an end to the current free health care and free education programs enjoyed by the Libyan people. Some are monarchists and others who wish to turn back the clock on Libyan social progress.

Undoubtedly, war with Libya will mean the most reactionary forces among the rebels coming to power if Gaddafi’s government is defeated by the guns and bombs of the west. Progressive people in the Middle East and around the world want an independent Libya, not a new puppet government like those that exist under occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

The patriotic people of Libya will resist this war by any means necessary. We in the Freedom Road Socialist Organization intend to do our part to show them solidarity. This means, first and foremost, firmly standing against U.S. intervention. We will organize and join rallies, demonstrations and other mass actions in the coming days to make sure that it is heard loud and clear:

No War Against Libya!

Stop the War Statement: UN Declaration of War on Libya

A new war has been declared in the Middle East. With the bloody and failing occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan still in place, the USA, Britain and France are now committed to an escalating armed intervention in Libya.

The decision to attack Libya and impose regime change – for that is what the UN resolution means – may have been authorised by the Security Council. But it was instigated by the despots of the Arab League, desperate to secure deeper western involvement in the region to save them from their own peoples. And it will be implemented by the same powers which have wreaked such mayhem throughout the Arab and Muslim worlds over the last ten years and longer.

The imposition of a “no-fly zone”, air attacks on Libyan defences and Gaddaffi’s troops, and naval bombardments will not bring peace to Libya nor a resolution to the conflict there.

They will, however, cost more civilian lives and they will set Britain and the world on an escalator of military intervention which risks ending up with an occupation of at least part of Libya.

While few people are admirers of the Gaadaffi regime, the experience of Iraq underlines the dangerous futility of trying to impose “regime change” from without. It also reminds us that genuine democracy and freedom cannot grow from aerial bombardment and foreign occupation.

Attacking Libya and sponsoring the Gulf oligarchies’ invasion of Bahrain to prop up the threatened monarchy there – under the noses of the US fifth fleet – are of a piece. They represent a concerted effort by the western powers to first control and then bring to a halt the Arab revolutions, leaving the essentials of imperial power in the Middle East in place.

David Cameron’s decision to place Britain in the vanguard of efforts to topple the Gaddafi regime is dictated by the same considerations which led Tony Blair and Gordon Brown to embrace that same regime – a desire to maintain BP’s profitable access to Libyan oil.

Stop the War believes that there should be no external military intervention in Libya. In supporting the Arab revolutions, we believe that these will be strangled, not supported, by western military action.

We call on the British government to keep its hands off the Middle East and demand that it refrain from all involvement in military action in Libya or elsewhere in the region. We urge the anti-war movement to campaign throughout the country to arrest and reverse this slide to war and British participation in it.

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